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What Documents Will I Need?

While each lender and application will require a slight variation in the required documents, here is a list of standard documents most lenders will require and why. Documents List

How Much Mortgage Can I Qualify For?

Figuring out how much mortgage you qualify for is based on a variety of "you" specific factors. Your income, debts, credit history, and work history are all things that come into play. The best way to accurately find out how much you qualify for is by contacting me to make an appointment, or filling out the online application here. You are under no obligation and no lender will be contacted without your expressed permission.

How much Down Payment Do I Need?

The minimum down payment, and the source of that down payment, varies depending on things such as your credit score, the purpose of the purchase, your debt ratio, etc. For a quick video that explains more click here.

What Impacts My Credit Score?

Your credit score is determined by five key factors that go well beyond just making your minimum monthly payments. This document helps explain each one, and just how much they impact your credit score. Five Things That Impact Your Credit Score

How Will The Changes To The Benchmark Rate Affect Me?

As of April 6, 2020, the way the Benchmark qualifying rate is calculated will change. For a complete explanation of the changes and their impact on you, check out this document. Changes to the Benchmark Rate